it’s been a long time

shouldn’t have left you

without a dope beat to step to…


so i sold my cdjs last year and my 7D to get a 5d3 and a used lens lol.  i have been on soundcloud for a while so if anyone cares, here is my profile:

note that i have one song up (usually a set that i will change every couple of months) and a bunch of playlists aka “sets”

i used to spin a lot of trance, then got into progressive trance, proggressive house, and then progressive breaks.  then there is always the guilty pleasures: dubstep and trap.  cant help it.

i have pretty much moved towards embracing cloud based music.  i think it does not make sense to have multiple copies of the same crap everywhere, so i upload all my music to google play, and in the car, i stream from either google play or soundcloud from my moto x via bluetooth on my pioneer headunit.  at home, i have chromecast so i can stream it that way to my home theater system (pioneer receiver, old sharp aquos, and classic klipsch reference speakers)… at work, i have a fiios e17 usb dac/amp and etymotic er-4 ear buds. ugh i am such a gear whore but i love it lol

a lot of true audiophiles would probably shit on mp3s, let alone, the crappy quality on soundcloud but honestly, i am so over all that.  true, i can go all out, get lossless copies and whatever but honestly, i dont have time for that shit, and as long as there is reasonable reproduction, i am happy, as i am really here to listen to and enjoy the music, not the gear.

also follow and share a bunch of good stuff that i like.  feel free to chime in with any suggestions.  i am always open.



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NYC2012 – Vacation

well looks like we made it out just in time for the hurricaine to mess everything up. is it me or has new york had a pretty rough patch these last several years? anyway, had a great time with grace, ruchit and kathy. we had an awesome time at the google headquarters in NYC. that place is so bad ass… wow i just think how nice they have it and then how comparatively shitty my work environment is lol. well kudos to them. google pretty much owns my life. it is almost surreal to look at all the hurricaine pictures and remember that i was just there.

for example:

sharon and i used this line becuase it pretty much goes across manhattan and we always ended up getting on the wrong line and had to use this to transfer laterally lol.

NYC 2012

so a cool thing about this trip that i did not bring a laptop for. i went out and purchased an eye-fi card which essentially turns my camera into a wifi hotspot. my phone logs into it and accepts transfer of the picture so i have it instantly available for uploading to facebook or whatever. pretty neat. i figured i would have that and then if i ran out of CF space, i could use this as a backup. i was only there for a few days.

this is my first trip with the 5d3 and i must say… it is an awesome camera. i feel like i finally have something that takes the pictures the way i wanted. it has seriously cut down my post processing time by at least half. on top of that, most of the pictures were published to facebook straight from the camera which is a ballsy move for me.

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longtime no photo

it has certainly been a while. the last month of my general surgery internship is about to start. i do feel like i have grown in so many ways. as a doctor, i certainly feel much more confident. i know it has only been a year but i do feel like i have been through a lot already. Sharon and i are doing great. i never knew marriage would be so fun. we went to belize in january and it was absolutely intoxicating. i just love being able to pack up and leave the country and have a small amount of money to do it… just wish i had more time. both of us are already getting pressure to have a kid but we are having too much fun together for now. plus i guess its too late for a dragon baby lol. anyway… on the subject of growing up i do feel like i have grown up as a photographer as well. i am have a bit to learn but i do feel like ive gotten to the point that i would be comfortable actually taking money for what i can do. last month the McElwains actually threw some money at me unexpectedly which i really appreciate. it was quite a bit too (atleast for someone like me who is used to making 10 dollars an hour lol). anyway here are some links and previews to catch everyone up for the nonspammers reading this post

Theresa and Laughton

a fine couple.. two who dont realize how attractive they are


Prechter Kids

So this was pretty fun… i went out with Monica and her kids as a spur of the moment thing.  what i like about these pictures is that if you know these kids, you know they have really grown up but they also have developed pretty strong personality traits that stick.  thats what i have realized… what i love about photography is taking portraits… especially of people i know.  i love trying to capture bits of their personality that i see and appreciate.  take McKenzie..

yes, she looks great in this picture but her feet is where i can see her personality.


enter another update.. the McElwains.  they just had their second baby, Clark, and wanted some help with the birth announcement.  here he is at age 1 week.  i was quite flattered to find that a check was ready for me at the end of the photoshoot.  feels so good to see people really happy and excited about the work that i do for them.

one thing to note about my work…. yes there have been some extensive postprocessing done in each picture as i take them in RAW but all the work goes into making it represent what i saw at that particular time and nothing more.  all that instagram colortoning that is the rage right now just doesnt do it for me.  The neat thing about this set is that i got really lucky with the lighting.  Ava is that little girl and i didnt alter her eyes at all in photoshop.  Eyes are really easy to enhance and many photographers charge alot of money to do this and totally overdo it.  Nothing substitutes great lighting and i am lucky that i stumbled upon this situation in the picture above.  one thing i love about my wedding pictures is that they look like they came straight out of the camera.  again.. i have learned so much from watching and talking to Kevin Beasley.  on a side note i still consider it an honor to have someone like him… not just photographing our wedding , but being in our lives as well.

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our video from Brock Gomez

Sharon + Jay from Brock Gomez on Vimeo.

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it has been a while since i teased with the rings but in a double post here, i found a place online called blurb that makes photobooks. it has some pretty legit options as far as papers and covers and design options giving designers the ability to use adobe and upload as pdf etc. it also allows you to set your own price if you were a pro or something and you simply take the difference. anyway, i have our wedding album that sharon and i created with the digital files we purchased from kevin beasily, our bad ass photog.

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kata 3N1-10

well here is a new one for me.  i had this big ass tamrac bag that was getting pretty cumbersome.  it is great to carry all my gear but i wanted something that wasnt so embarrassingly large to wear around.  so i wanted something smaller with a sleeker profile that fits my 7D gripped and 17-55 attached as well as my flash and my 10-22.  i have a 70-200 sigma but i dont really use it much for regular purpose.   i actually got this lowepro slingshot 102 which proved to be too tight.  i lost quite a bit of money shipping it back to newegg on top of the restocking fee, then buying this kata bag but it was worth it.  this thing blows away the build quailty of any other bag ive handled.  excuse the camera phone pictures but the whole top compartment is completely empty.  i could easily stick sharons rebel body in there for backup or hold the s95 in there (or both) but for now i will probably keep an apple in there just the way they have it on the website lol.

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what i am rocking right now

awesome proggy breaks set… really digging it.  and just to catch everyone up here is another in my rotation:


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wedding bells ringing

10 more days… this wedding is going to be epic.

we got her wedding band in yesterday.

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well i listen to a whole lot of music. late in highschool i started listening to a lot of electronic music, especially trance. so after freshmen year, not knowing anything about spinning records, i invested in a set of turntables and a mixer. below are the sets that i have made through the years. unfortunately i dont have much time to invest in music anymore, hence the photography that picked up thereafter. but there are some oldies and goodies here. my last set, “revolve” i did with cdj’s. i had the opportunity to have a radio show at vanderbilt as well as some guest dj appearences. i suppose my claim to fame is that i was one of the openers for luke chable who was one of my favorite djs. he also used my cdjs and mixer : )

DJ Jade – rEvolve [09.20.2005].cue
DJ Jade – rEvolve [09.20.2005].mp3

DJ Jade – Inspiration [03.18.2005].cue
DJ Jade – Inspiration [03.18.2005].mp3

DJ Jade – Siren [12.19.2004].cue
DJ Jade – Siren [12.19.2004].mp3

DJ Jade – SoundEscape [05.20.2004].mp3
DJ Jade – Soundescape [05.20.2004].cue

DJ Jade – Transcend [01.07.2004].cue
DJ Jade – Transcend [01.07.2004].mp3

DJ Jade – Star [08.06.2003].cue
DJ Jade – Star [08.06.2003].mp3

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for those of you who dont already know me, my name is jay. i am currently on my second of two research years and a PGY-4 general surgery resident at an academic center. here is a glimpse into my outlet. i am a wannabe photographer and dj, and from some of the pictures you can probably tell that im into cars and driving. i also enjoy tinkering with electronic gadgets, maybe because i am asian.. i am very glad i have a lady who puts up with all of this nonsense. plus, she is way smarter than i am. so if all else fails, she will be my sugar-mamma and fund all of my ridiculously expensive hobbies. we have lots of fun together.  i am quite enjoying our quaint little life.


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